About Us

A slice of history

Let 'em Eat Cake was originally established in 1987 by Anne Pickens as a home based business in Middletown, CA. Anne had a passion for making unique and delicious cakes, which led her to attend the Wilton School of Cake Decorating where she honed her skills and with the help of her husband Bruce and her daughter's Dawn and Sara she opened the first stand alone incarnation of Let 'em Eat Cake in Smithfield, Utah in 1990. The family later returned to California and in 2005 Sara took over the business.

Though she observed her mother and worked in the first shop, Sara is primarily self taught and has a more modern and adventurous approach to cake decorating.

Since 2005 Sara has established a new customer base in southern California and also when she relocated the business to northern California in Livermore.

Re-building the shop from the ground up the business has continued to grow and is celebrating it's fourth thriving year.